Dandruff (dry scalp) typically is loose dandruff which falls onto the shoulders, irritation and itching also occurs.
Seborrheic Dermatits is a scaling process and is characterized by the appearance of large epithelial scales, which can form patches and spread all over the scalp or only in certain areas, this can include the ears and forehead.
Includes: (1) 1oz KS115, (1) 1oz Fungi-Activ (1) 1oz K1 or K2, (1) Special K Cream, (1) 8oz Dandruff Shampoo, (1) 6pk N Ampoule, (1) Revital 60 pearls
Home Treatment
Apply KS115 if there are plaques present if not, Apply Fungi-Activ on affected areas.
Apply K1 or K2 depending on skin type (dry or oily).
Wash with Dandruff Base Cleanser and Ampoule N
Finally apply Special K Cream to affected areas.
Take 2 Revital Daily. Preferably in the mornings.
Apply while dry, Mix Dandruff Cleanser + 2ml of KS115
Let it seat for 5 minutes and emulsify with water for washing once per week.