This hair loss treatment is packed with everything you need. Our Hair Loss Shampoo has active ingredients that help slow down the process of hair loss and help in regrowth. Full of nutrients which are extracted from plants, also pH5 so it does not affect the acid mantle of the skin. The Base Tonic penetrates deeper levels of the scalp by giving the cells and follicles powerful nutrients that revitalize the skin, hair & malnutrition hair bulbs. The DT Ampoule is an excellent cell regenerator, high in nutrients and increases blood circulation generating hair growth. Very helpful for those with scalps with insufficient blood supply. Depure pills are a combination of 5 plants: dandelion fumaria, boldo, mint and nettle, all which have direct impact to the lymphatic, renal and hepatic system. Specifically for the treatment of hair loss. Shock pills are packed with the most powerful and rich in all essential amino acids. Essential for the formation of proteins and therefore hair. Rich in vitamins and minerals that will give you healthier skin and hair from the inside out. Increases the contribution of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, are rich in essential fatty acids necessary for metabolism, and contain nucleic acids that increase the self-repairing capacity of cells with a high rate of division (skin, hair and nails) thereby strengthening them. It should be taken in all cases of alopecia, capillary fragility and skin concerns. If you are starting to lose your hair then this is the treatment for you.


Includes: (1) 8oz Hair Loss Shampoo, (1) Base or Allogenic Tonic, (1) DT Ampoule (6pk), (1) Shock 60 tablets & (1) Depure 120 tablets


  • Apply Base tonic daily (1ml) and DT Ampoule

  • Wash hair daily with Hair Loss Shampoo (or as recommended by the Dermotricologist)

  • Take 2 Depure in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Tale 2 Shock at night.


    Apply DT Ampoule once per week.

    Wash with Normalizing Shampoo.