This Acne home treatment provides you with powerful and effective results. High in nutrients, anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerating power, giving you the results you are looking for.. You will notice results just after several applications. The sebaceous secretion and bacterial infection begins to regulate itself. You can stabilize the process by maintaining this treatment.
Includes: (1) 8oz Normalizing cleansing base, (1) Fungi-Activ, (1) 3oz Sebregulator Tonic, (1) Revital 60 pearls & (1) Depure 120 tablets
Home Treatment
Clean/remove make up with Normalizing Base Cleanser.
Apply Fungi-Activ directly to spots (specific area to be treated.)
Apply Seborregulator Tonic. Can be applied to face, chest and back. Only where acne is present.
Hydrate with one revital pearl (open pearl and apply directly to skin)
For better results take depure with revital for a 4 month period.