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I am Michelle Coburn, CEO of Virago Essentials Inc. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and certified Trichologist located in the Chicagoland Area. I specialize in natural hair,locs and custom color. In 2018.I began my journey to become a Trichologist because I wanted to move beyond just “styling“ hair but helping my clients achieve overall wellness mentally, physically and spiritually. Now I focus on the scientific study of the hair which includes: how it grows; what causes hair loss and/or scalp disorders; holistic treatment plans that includes diet, nutrition, therapies and topical products that aid in addressing the total wellness of the individual from the inside out so each person can feel comfortable in the skin that they are in.

Virago Esssentials Inc offers the following services online:
Hair Care Consultations-30 minute consultation to discuss daily maintenance, products, styling questions and more;
Hair Restoration Consultation- 90 minute in-depth consultation to discuss the client‘s hair loss concerns/ scalp disorders, history of hair loss, medications, possible causes of hair loss and more.
If you are interested or know someone that is interested you can book your consultations today at
Let us help you on your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
And remember Virago Essentials is ”WHERE BEAUTY IS A STATE OF MIND“

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